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The short answer is, Yes. Our priority is your health, safety, and well-being. With that in mind, the Code of Conduct states the following: D. Application of This Code Sanctions for the conduct listed above can be imposed on applicants, enrolled students, students between academic terms, graduates awaiting degrees, and students who withdraw from school while a disciplinary matter is pending. Conduct that threatens the safety or security of the campus community, or substantially disrupts the functions or operation of the University is within the jurisdiction of this Article regardless of whether it occurs on or off campus. Each student participating in academic courses remotely will be required to engage in behaviors that align with the University’s expectations, this is includes all matters concerning academic integrity. Although you are completing your academic content remotely, each of your faculty members will detail what the expectations of the course content, and how to report your academic progress. If a faculty member is confident that a student has gained an unfair academic advantage during this time of working remotely, the faculty member will still follow University protocols for addressing cheating or plagiarism, which includes reporting the alleged behavior to OSRR.


Again, the short answer is Yes.Although there might be significant differences in how the Code of Conduct might be applicable, the Code of Conduct is still in effect. While policies concerning academic integrity will apply to all Cal Poly student's,other alleged behavioral violations of the Code of Conduct may be applied. For example, students who remain on campus should choose behaviors that align with University expectations. This includes refraining from the use of alcohol or other drugs as well as other behaviors regarding compliance requirements with University officials and University Housing Community Standards, which include social distancing and not participating in large public gatherings.


If you have previously signed a resolution agreement detailing agreed upon sanctions, you are still required to complete your sanctions. However, the Office of Student Rights& Responsibilities (OSRR) will work directly with each student to provide reasonable and fair adjustments to all sanction completion deadlines. The Office of Student Rights & Responsibilities will be contacting each student who currently has completion deadline dates regarding their sanctions. This correspondence will provide necessary information and instruction on how to proceed and complete your sanction. Please note that this deadline extension does NOT apply to disciplinary probation; this quarter of virtual learning will count towards your disciplinary probation term.


According to Executive Order 1098, suspension is defined as: Suspension. Temporary separation of the Student from active Student status or Student status. a. Android L2TP VPN设置教程_百度文库:2021-6-21 · 100w优质文档免费 下载 赠百度阅读VIP精品版 立即开通 意见反馈 下载客户端 网页 资讯 视频 ... 不需要填写, IPSec 预共享密钥 - 输入 pcvpn(固定 6 位字母,是密钥,请你自己的密码区分),DNS 搜索域-不需要填 写,DNS 服务器-输入 点击保存(如 ... 免费的pcvpn A Student who is suspended for one academic year or more shall be separated from Student status but remains eligible to reapply to the University (subject to individual Campus application polices) once the suspension has been served. Conditions for readmission may be specified. c. Suspension of one academic year or more, withdrawals in lieu of suspension, and withdrawals with pending misconduct investigations or disciplinary proceedings shall be entered on the Student’s transcript permanently without exception; this requirement shall not be waived in connection with a resolution agreement. If you were suspended for spring quarter 2024, you are still suspended for spring quarter 2024 and the eligible return date provided in your Resolution Agreement remains the agreed upon return date,should all requirements be met. Should a student engage in behavior that results in a suspension, following the judicial process when the suspension will go into effect, the student will be withdrawn from their classes and be temporarily designated with inactive student status.

During this period of shelter-at-home, what should I do if I receive a letter requiring me to meet with your office (OSRR)?

Again, we acknowledge that these are unique and challenging times. Our priority is each of our students’ health and well-being. Should you receive a letter or notice requiring you to meet with our office, please read the letter in its entirety. The Notice for an Investigation intake meeting or Student Conference will include instructions on how we are going to operate virtually.

What if I do not agree with the outcome and wish to pursue a student conduct Hearing?

The opportunity for you to have access to the full judicial process has not changed; that is your right as a student in California State University system. Like other judicial conferences and meetings, all student conduct Hearings will take place virtually. Each Hearing will be recorded, the Hearing Officer will maintain control of the Hearing process, and a Hearing Officer’s report will be provided to Cal Poly’s Vice President for Student Affairs.

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Academic Senate Resolution 722-10 - Procedures for handling cases involving alleged cheating and plagiarism.

Reporting Process for Faculty - An overview of AS 722-10 including the steps to take when reporting cheating and plagiarism. 

Dear Cal Poly Student - A letter from our Director regarding allegations of cheating and plagiarism.

Academic Integrity FAQ for Students - Answers to common questions regarding alleged cheating and plagiarism.

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